Sowmya Aji
Full Stack Developer
CARY, NC (919)-559-2730  portfolio:
Python, SQL, JS and Ruby developer. Effective problem solver, passionate about clean code, team player,
quick learner who meets deadlines. Permanent resident in the US. Former journalist.
Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, R, SAS, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Bash
Frameworks: Django, Flask, Angular JS, React JS, jQuery, Rails, Bootstrap, Bulma, Material
Automation: Unittests, Pytest, Selenium, Aloe, Mocha, Supertest, Travis CI, Jenkins, Gitlab Pipelines
Methodologies: Object Oriented Design, API design, Agile, UI Design
Tools: Git, Visual Studio Code , Folium, Tableau, Docker
Databases: MySQL, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, SQLAlchemy,MongoDB
Other: Documentation, communication, writing, presenting, information gathering
IBM/AT&T, Durham through Apex Systems[October 2019-March 2020]:
Improved and added features data structures and algorithms to the Python Flask backend
(moved from the original Perl)
Designed REST API endpoints
Added, updated and helped refine MySQL database
Built components for the Angular frontend for a client-facing app.
PayPal, Scottsdale, Arizona through Insight Global [Sept 2019 to October, 2019]:
Streamlined and added features to the Python Django backend for a standalone app.
Added features to MySQL database
Worked on Django HTML-CSS front-end
Matri Design [Antz visualization software], Tacoma, Washington [June 2019 to Sept 2019, March 2020
to present]:
Designed and wrote the greenfield Python backend
Wrote the basic documentation for this new software project.
Designed the data wrangling to prepare data for use in the new software.
PET PROJECTS (Oct 2018 to present): Built 16 responsive web apps and two freelance projects.
getJustice: An app to simplify reporting injustice online. Click the extension, it takes a screenshot,
attaches it to an email and sends it to the concerned authorities in 15 seconds.
Created the Chrome extension and responsive web page with two others.
Designed frontend with Bootstrap, JavaScript and used an external SMTP email server.
Used Python, PostgreSQL database and REST API
Sing Along: An app to listen to favorite music through radio buttons.
Used React JS to interact with the iTunes API.
Styled the FrontEnd with JavaScript.
Snip^pet:  Reuse and store code on this handy website.
Used JavaScript libraries, Django, Python for the backend in this four-member group project.
Built PostgreSQL database and REST API.
 Tracer: Plot the easiest path through mountains using the lowest elevation.
Built the backend using a Python algorithm that plots elevations and puts pixels on a map.
Cary Parking App: Identifies all available parking spots in downtown Cary: a Code for Cary project. 
Helped on the App’s frontend, using React Js, Leaflet Js, HTML5 and CSS.
WakeTech Community College, Raleigh - Enrolled in the Associate Degree in Computer Science
Courses and Tech: Python, PHP, SAS, Oracle SQL, VMs, XAMPP, MySQL, SQLPlus GPA - 4.0
Momentum Learning, Durham - Immersive Programming Course
Dedicated 12-weeks specializing in highly focused, immersive training centered on programming
language fluency, object-oriented, programming, and project based learning.
University of Mysore, India - Master of Arts (English Literature)
Bangalore University, India - Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Psychology, English Literature)